Tilehurst Parish Council update on Turnhams Farm Recreation Ground fencing consultation

Published: 26 January 2022

Following our consultation concerning anti-social behaviour at the Turnhams Farm recreation ground and proposed fencing repairs and entrance changes, we received 15 written responses. In addition, we spoke with park users and neighbours over a period of several months. Of the written responses, 10 of those responding were broadly in favour of the proposals including the closure of the narrow gap entrance at the skatepark end of Little Heath Road, and 5 were opposed. Many of the responses were detailed and we appreciate both the concern and views expressed and the information provided.

Since the consultation a number of things have happened or are in progress:-

Anti-social behaviour in the park has decreased in the park since last summer.  We believe this is due to:

- The ending of Covid restrictions and re-opening of venues

- Police action following details given to the police of suspected offenders. Police have visited a number of these suspects

- The engagement of youth workers in the park by the Parish Council

- Parish Council CCTV upgrades at the park

In early 2022 the following will also be completed:

   - - Replacement of all broken fencing around the park. This will include installation of a gate on the narrow entrance gap from Little Heath Road near the skatepark that can be closed and locked if poor behaviour should return, restricting access to the park

- Planting of pyracantha bushes parallel to the Little Heath Road fencing to discourage dangerous fence jumping

We will also continue to liaise with West Berkshire Council to ensure repairs to their fencing around the neighbouring paying fields and will also consider further action including CCTV and lighting enhancements over the coming months if problems should return.

If you have any queries or comments on the above, please contact the Parish Council by emailing clerk@tilehurstpc.co.uk or by post to Tilehurst Parish Council, Parish Office, High View, Calcot, Reading RG31 4XD