Tilehurst Parish Council do not have any allotments and has no land within the parish which is available to provide allotments in the future.

The parish council owns numerous benches which are situated in the recreation grounds. There are also three benches situated on Dark Lane and one on Langley Hill which are owned by the parish. Any other benches on the public highway are owned by West Berkshire Council.

The parish council owns the following street lights. Any other street lights in the area are owned by West Berkshire Council and any problems should be reported to them.

  • Starlings Drive (junction Goldcrest) / City Road footpath 
  • Cotswold Sports Centre, Downs Way
  • Cotswold Sports Centre, staff car park
  • ‘Braeside’ Oregon Avenue / Fullbrook Crescent footpath
  • Oregon Avenue, rear of No 18
  • Langley Hill Close – only column in Close

The parish council owns 11 bus shelters which are situated at the following locations -

  • A4 Bath Road north near Murdoch’s Pub
  • Mayfield Avenue/A4 west of Royal Avenue/Charrington roundabout
  • Old Bath Road Calcot between Royal Avenue east and Langley Hill
  • Yew Tree Rise (laid back on left off Langley Hill)
  • Hildens Drive opposite Foxcombe Drive
  • Dark Lane (uphill on right)
  • Knowsley Road opposite Addiscombe Chase
  • Knowsley Road opposite the shops
  • Knowsley Road end Talbot Way
  • Overdown Road by The Colonnade shops
  • Overdown Road opposite Dell Road

Any other bus shelters are owned by the local bus company.

In February 2017 Tilehurst Parish Council took over responsibility for the maintenance of the churchyard adjoining St Michael’s Church, which is situated on the opposite side of the road to the church. Because the parish boundary runs down the middle of New Lane Hill, the church itself is within Reading Borough Council but the churchyard lies within the Parish of Tilehurst. The churchyard became full and was therefore declared a closed churchyard, and the church requested that the Parish Council took over the maintenance, as is their legal right.

A progamme of work has been identified, which hopefully will be finished within the next two or three years. Ongoing maintenance will then be easier to manage.

Any questions or comments regarding the maintenance of the churchyard, i.e. grass cutting, hedges, trees or footpaths, should be directed to Tilehurst Parish Council

Questions or comments regarding other issues, such as graves or gravestones, should be directed to the Church Office
The parish council owns nine noticeboards, which are situated at –

  • Parish Office, Highview
  • Royal Avenue/Glamis Way
  • Cotswold Sports Centre
  • Cornwell Centre
  • Turnhams Farm Hall
  • The Colonnade, Overdown Road
  • Long Lane/Hillview Close
  • Knowsley, Tesco shop
  • Hildens Drive shops


All rubbish bins and dog bins on the recreation grounds are the property of the parish council and the cost of repairing/replacing any damaged bins will be borne by the parish, and ultimately by the Tilehurst residents.

Any bins situated on the highway, including public rights of way, are the responsibility of West Berkshire Council, and any queries should be directed to them.

The parish, prior to 2016, had purchased ten salt bins to assist residents keep public pathways and roads clear of ice in areas where the road is on a hill.
At the end of 2016 West Berkshire Council relinquished responsibility for providing salt bins in parishes, and consequently Tilehurst Parish Council has now taken over the responsibility for the 36 salt bins previously maintained by West Berkshire Council, in order to prevent them being removed.
The parish is now responsible for the cost of refilling the bins, and for replacing any that become damaged.

If any bin is becoming low on salt/grit, residents should contact the parish office and we will arrange for a refill.

We would like to remind residents that the salt/grit in the bins is for public roads and pathways, and not for use on private driveways.

If any new bins are requested, and agreed by the parish council, the final decision as to the suitability of a location is made by WBC. The purchase of the bin, and the cost of re-filling, is then borne by the parish.