This Council

What we do

Tilehurst Parish Council offers a range of services within the parish of Tilehurst.  West Berkshire Council is the district council and also provides services to the parish.   Although the two councils are run independently of one another, we do work together to ensure all services improve the quality of life for the residents of the parish of Tilehurst.

It should be noted that the part of Tilehurst to the east is not covered by the parish council or West Berkshire Council.  It falls within the area covered by Reading Borough Council so is managed completely separately.


 Tilehurst Parish Council is responsible for:
  • Some bus shelters (click here to see which)
  • Small grants to local organisations and community groups
  • Calcot, Cornwell, Turnhams Farm and Cotswold recreation grounds
  • Play areas at recreation grounds, and also at Hildens Drive
  • Rubbish and dog waste bins at recreation grounds and Hildens Drive
  • Planning - as a statutory consultee 
  • Some street lights (click here to see which)


 West Berkshire Council is responsible for:
  • Council tax
  • Electoral services
  • Environmental health
  • Housing services
  • Land charges
  • Planning authority
  • Education
  • Concessionary travel
  • Libraries including mobile library
  • Social services
  • Trading standards
  • Highways and footpaths
  • Road safety
  • Rubbish and recycling
  • Street lights