West Berkshire Council - update

Published: 30 May 2023

The recent district council elections saw the Liberal Democrat party take the most seats and form a new administration at West Berkshire and, at the council’s annual meeting on 25 May a new Leader and Executive were elected.

Councillor Lee Dillon is the new Leader, and he will be joined by nine other councillors on the Executive, the council’s main decision-making body. The Executive comprises up to ten members and it makes the key decisions – those affecting two or more wards, or where there will be a significant impact on the council’s budget. Each member of the executive has responsibility for a specific area (or portfolio).

The Executive Members and their portfolios for 2023-24 are as follows:


  • Lee Dillon – Leader of Council – Strategy Communications and Public Safety
  • Jeff Brooks – Deputy Leader of Council – Governance and Transformation
  • Iain Cottingham – Finance and Corporate Services
  • Martin Colston – Regeneration, Growth and Strategy Development
  • Alan Macro – Adult Social Care and Health Integration
  • Heather Codling – Children, Education and Young People’s Services
  • Janine Lewis – Public Health, Culture, Leisure, Sport and Countryside
  • Adrian Abbs – Climate Action, Recycling and Biodiversity
  • Denise Gaines – Highways, Housing and Sustainable Travel
  • Tony Vickers – Planning and Community Engagement


At the meeting, a new Chairman was also elected with Councillor Jeremy Cottam taking up the role. The Chairman is the formal representative of West Berkshire Council and, as well as presiding over council meetings, they also officiate at civic functions and welcome distinguished guests on behalf of the district.

The council meets around five times a year and is responsible for setting the council's budget and financial strategies, planning and transport policies and the Council Strategy, as well as agreeing any changes to the Constitution.

Members of the public can attend council meetings and those living or working in West Berkshire can submit questions to Council relating to any business of the council or the wellbeing of the district. Details of upcoming Council meetings, which are streamed live on our YouTube channel, are published online.