Planned vegetation works to land at Pincents Lane

Published: 06 February 2024

Public notice issued on behalf of LandsecU+I:

From 6 to 17 February 2024, maintenance works to vegetation will be undertaken on the former golf course land at Pincents Lane, Tilehurst.

The landowners, LandsecU+I, encourage the public to exercise caution when passing along the public footpaths on and around the land over this period, as annual works to maintain the footpaths are undertaken. Machinery and workers will be moving about on site and adjacent to public footpaths.

The work is being done as part of planned maintenance and vegetation works to be undertaken prior to the start of the bird nesting season. It will also be preparing the site for fencing that is due to be installed later in the year prior to the introduction of grazing livestock.

Public footpaths on the site will remain open throughout the period and the works are being supervised by a tree specialist and ecologist and in accordance with the requirements of West Berkshire Council. Tilehurst Parish Council will be kept updated throughout the process.